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Laurel Blond: Antique Shopping in Upstate New York- Hudson Valley Region

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Resident of New York City, Laurel Blond is president of the Maurice Blond Agency, an insurance firm offering life, health, disability, and long-term insurance from its office on Fifth Avenue. When not taking care of her prized customers, Blond enjoys antique shopping in upstate New York.

New York City provides access to nearly everything a person could want. However, many residents opt to travel upstate New York to gain access to some of the best antique shops in the state. Read ahead to learn about a few of the shops in the Hudson Valley region:

Spooky River Antiques and Collectibles: In Cold Spring, this shop specializes in Arts and Crafts furniture as well as pottery and lithographs.

Eustace & Zamus Antiques: In Hudson, this store emphasizes period American furniture and accessories from the 18th Century.

Black Scottie Antiques, Inc: Located in Montgomery, Black Scottie Antiques is one of the largest shops with five stories.

20th Century Gallery: Also in Hudson, this store specializes in furniture designed by American architects during the 20th Century.


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