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The Job of an Insurance Agent

After graduating from Tufts University with a bachelor of science and then from Harvard University with a master’s degree, Laurel Blond was persuaded by her father to join The Maurice Blond Agency, Inc. Laurel Blond began there as an agent selling health insurance until growing as an expert in long term care and life insurance, eventually claimed her role as president of the firm.

Insurance agents are typically highly knowledgeable in their line of insurance. For a specialized agent, like those going into a specific field such as health insurance, it is almost always required that they earn a college degree in order to gain employment. Even after securing a job, an individual has continual training in the field of their specialty that must be completed while they work, so that they gain the necessary information to provide to clients.

Additionally, an agent’s earning are linked to the growth rate of the economy. The current recovery from the economic recession is improving job opportunity and stability for prospective insurance agents. Even in light of an economic downturn, a motivated agent can greatly impact their monetary gain and job performance simply by following ambition. Having a willingness to work, great communication skills, a positive attitude are all more likely to sell policies and products, improving job performance and making a successful insurance agent.


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Massachusetts General Hospital Conducts Food Labeling Trial

Laurel Blond, current President of The Maurice Blond Agency, has been working at the firm since 1985, when she started as an insurance agent. Having earned a bachelor’s degree from Tufts University and a master’s degree from Harvard University, Laurel Blond is highly experienced and knowledgeable in health insurance and care policies. She has utilized this knowledge not only within her investment agency, but has also during her tenure at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Mass General Hospital was officially founded in 1811, and since then has become a historical site of many medical advances. In March of 2010, the historical medical facility implemented the use of color-coded, “traffic light” food labels in all items in the cafeterias. A green label was used for the healthiest food choice, a yellow label for less healthy meals, and a red label for food choices with little to no nutritional value. For 24 months, a Mass General Hospital team studied the purchase patterns of patrons, employees, and visitors and found that there was a 12 percent increase in the purchase of green-labeled meals, and a decrease in the purchase of red-labeled meals by 20 percent. These changes were due not only to the labeling of foods and beverages by their nutritional value, but also to placement of the most healthy choices in the most immediately visible areas.

The team concluded that food labeling and placement are instrumental in promoting healthy food choices and submitted this information in a comprehensive report to the American Journal of Preventative Medicine. Though progress has been made and valuable research has been collected, Mass General Hospital will continue to develop even more effective strategies to encourage healthier eating.