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Tips for Buying Antique Furniture for the Home

Laurel Blond, president of the Maurice Blond Agency, Inc., enjoys shopping for antiques in her free time. Typically found shopping in Upstate New York, Laurel Blond decorates her house with antique furniture.

When going antique furniture shopping, measuring the area where the desired piece will go prevents buying an item that is too big or small. This is especially helpful when attending antique auctions or fairs because it allows for more accurate bidding and expectations. Although it may be difficult, checking the shape of an item without focusing on the color or normal wear and tear widens the range of possible pieces of furniture. Since antique furniture can be refinished, looking at the overall design helps shoppers find the true gem they are looking for.

However, checking for rotting wood or major missing pieces is still important because refinishing too much damage is expensive and not always possible. When looking at upholstered furniture, keeping an eye out for signs of bugs or damaged fabric avoids bringing unwelcome guests into the home.